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sugaring – Sugaring Services (Unavailable)
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* Hard wax available upon request (cost varies)

Full Face $30 $35
Eyebrows $12 $12 $15 $15
Upper lip $8 $10
Nose $6 $6 $8 $8
Ears $8 $10
Chin $8 $10
Sideburns $6 $10
Cheeks $6 $8 $10
Hairline $6 $8 $12 $12
Neck $8 $10 $10 $12
Eyebrow Tint $15 $18
Eyelash Tint $18
Upper Body
Full Arms (incl. Shoulder) $30 $35 $38 $45
Half Arms $18 $25 $26 $32
Hands $8 $10 $10 $12
Shoulder $10 $12 $12 $18
Underarms $12 $15 $16 $20
Full Chest (incl. Stomach) $25 $38 $40 $50
Chest $15 $25 $22 $32
Stomach $18 $25 $26 $34
Full Back (incl. Shoulder) $25 $40 $38 $50
Upper Back (incl. Shoulder) $18 $25 $25 $32
Lower Back $15 $20 $25 $32
Waist down
Brazilian $38 $45
Deep Bikini $25 $35
Bikini Line $15 $20
Between the Cheeks $10 $15
Bum Cheeks $18 $25
Full Legs (incl. toes) $40 $50 $50 $60
Upper Legs $25 $27 $38 $42
Lower Legs (incl. toes) $22 $25 $38 $40
Feet & toes $8 $10 $10 $12
Patch $5 $5 $8 $8
Full Body $160 $190
Pre authorized credit card hold necessary (full body)
Full Face $35
Eyebrows $15
Upper lip $10
Chin $10
Sideburns $8
Cheeks $8

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Bare Brazilian

$30 per Month

3 in 1 Month

$60 per Month

What we do

What makes us different you ask???

At BareSkin wax bar we focus on being quick, precise, and clean but we also provide multiple waxing options such as soft wax (strip), Hard wax(strip less), & sugaring (coming spring).We analyze your skin to determine which wax suits your skin & hair type. We want you to feel comfortable in your skin & to try to make your experience as painless as possible.

Everyone is Welcome. Feel the Difference, Be Bare.

Type of waxes: Let’s get to know our wax a bit better. As above the options are soft, hard, and sugaring wax of your choice.

The difference between the 3 types of waxes are the following:

Soft wax (Original)

This wax is well known as strip waxing. Applying thin layer of warm body wax on top of target skin with help of wooden stick then placing strip of cloth over it and pulling it off, removing hair. Hair must be the length of a long grain of rice. This method helps to remove tiny fine hair which you can’t see, leaving you with smooth skin.

Hard wax

This type of wax is used for smaller, more sensitive areas such as upper lip, underarms and bikini/brazilian area. This warm hard wax gets applied directly onto the skin and given time to cool so it can be hardened and is then pulled off in the opposite direction of the hairs. The benefit of it all is that they only bind to the hair, never to the skin. This process tends to be less painful and can be applied multiple times and causes no damage to the skin.

Sugar Wax (Unavailable)

A natural ingredient made wax from sugar, lemon and hot water. It’s ideal for those clients who experience much more sensitive skin. it is applied with the hand and removed the same (application is the opposite to soft wax direction), it has the same concept as hard wax meaning safe to apply and remove multiple times without causing any damage to skin. Its important to keep in mind that the length of the hair should be at least a quarter of an inch long for the sugar to grasp the hair.

Wax Tips:

Before waxing…

  • Avoid waxing one week prior to menstruation (sensitive around this time)

  • Wait minimum of three weeks between your waxing session

  • No lotions or oils prior to waxing

  • Exfoliate to-be-waxed area couple days prior to waxing appointment

  • You may take mild pain killers for less stinging pain

  • Avoid taking more than one cup of caffeine as it gets you jittery

After waxing…

  • Avoid heat eg.  Hot showers, sun tanning, saunas etc.

  • Do NOT use any deodorant for 24hrs.

  • Take a lukewarm (cooler) shower to close pores & calm redness

  • When bumps have reduced, exfoliate your skin as it reduces ingrown hair (3 times a week)

  • Avoid swimming and exercising for minimum 2 days

  • Apply aloe Vera on inflamed skin and to soothe your skin

  • Avoid wearing tight clothing as it causes irritation and ingrown hair.

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